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What is the space bar click test?

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Space bar click test is a spacebar speed test. It is also known as the spacebar CPS test, which stands for spacebar Click-Per-Second test. It could be a quick test of 5 seconds. Until the time is up, you need to reach (press and release) your space bar as many times as possible. You can try this for as many rounds as you like. Only make sure you get the highest grade (CPS – Click Per Second). The average CPS is 6.11, according to our Big Data. In this exam, the keypad plays a crucial role. When taking this exam, make sure you’ve got your favorite keyboard.

If you want to check your typing speed, even including the space bar, or know how fast you can press the spacebar, you should try giving these space bar click tests. Pick a particular amount of time and click the space bar as quickly as you can. Is the spacebar click test an example of a flash game that tests how quickly you can click the spacebar? Are you aware of the button with the spacebar? It is an elongated button at the bottom but at the middle of the keyboard’s last row. In new keypads, however, the location of a button is changed.

How do a space counter works?

Space bar counter test shows how many times you can press the spacebar or say how fast you can click the spacebar button. This test is time-based. You can pick a time that you want the test to take.

Steps to use Spacebar speed Test:

  • Visit any online website for a spacebar click test.
  • If the browser prompts the permission message, just click allow to continue because the counters are usually on adobe flash.
  • Start the game by hitting the start button.
  • Choose the time limit options as discussed earlier, for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or 15 seconds to start the game. It also depends on the website that you are using to test your spacebar test.
  • Select the time interval.
  • Start pressing as much as you can with the mouse or keyboard.
  • The countdown timer will show how much time is left from your time interval.
  • When the time is over browser will show that how many times you have pressed the spacebar.
  • Some websites even display your high score.
  • Press the restart button if you want to restart the test.

Some websites for Spacebar speed test:

There are some websites on which you can test your clicking speed. We have gathered the information about some of these websites to help you take an online test for spacebar speed. These websites have calculators to calculate that how fast you can press the spacebar.

  • Tynker is a free online tool that lets you measure how fast you can press the spacebar at a specific time interval that you would select at the beginning of the test. Like most websites, the website does not limit but counts the clicks on the space bar optimally. The app is close to a space bar counter and is available to take a free online speed test. It is a tap counter freestyle that needs a try.


This website offers you a speed challenge. It allows you to click the spacebar 300 times within just one minute. At least six rows and 50 rectangular shapes are included in the speed test challenge, making 300 figures total. The rectangular shape shrinks to a minimal size, and at the end, with almost every spacebar click, you will get to see the score along with the remaining time limit. A user can also press the Give Up tab to leave the challenge. The remaining time and your score will display in the right corner.

  • 10fastfingers

10fastfingers is the website that offers you a challenge to test your abilities to click the spacebar. This website tests the speed differently as compared to the other websites. Until pressing a spacebar, it helps the user type a word instead of repeatedly tapping a space bar. It means that it checks the user’s typing speed along with the spacebar count. By scoring 30 taps in a minute, this particular spacebar speed test allows a user to complete the speed challenge and offers the result of how easily you can type words along with the spacebar taps.


This website is built to test your speed of clicking the spacebar. If you want to know how fast you can press the spacebar button, try it through it. Click the button in shape green flag to start the test and press the spacebar as quickly as you can in 1 minute. After the time interval is completed, you can see your score, and you can also compare your score with the high scores displayed on the website. If you want to restart the test, click on the retry button.


This website allows users a fun space bar speed test. It offers the user three different speed tests to show you how fast you can press the space bar. These tests’ time intervals are of three types such as 5-seconds, 10 seconds, or 20 seconds. You can choose the time interval from these three options. Each challenge counts the total number of taps in the respective time frame and finally displays your score. It’s definitely a fun test and an exciting one.

How to increase your spacebar speed?

There are some suggestions for you to improve your speed of clicking a spacebar. By using these techniques, you can double your speed of clicking.

  • You should try pushing the spacebar halfway down and softly tapping it quickly with another with one finger. You don’t even have to take your finger off the handle if you’re gentle enough.
  • You really should start getting into shape with your thumb. With it, perhaps lift some weights, or make it do some pushups. Once your thumb is big and robust, it will have no problem moving the space bar as quickly as possible.

Winners of the Spacebar click test challenge

Winner of the space bar speed test challenge , they really deserve the award.



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