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Typing TEST

What is the typing test?

The typing test is the measure of the output speed on a keyboard. There is no doubt the internet has become a boon for the new generation. Now people prefer writing and chatting rather than calling. So, it became essential to be a master in typing. It is essential to be a professional typist if you want to be a writer or want to do a job as a computer operator or computer instructor.

For that reason, we have introduced a tool to practice typing and check the speed of typing by taking the test by yourself.

Benefits of typing skills:

Although there are many pros of typing, I have stated some of these benefits below.

  1. You are given a professional google typing certificate if you pass the google typing test.
  2. You can get an outstanding job on fiver or Upwork as a data entry operator and can earn millions.
  3. Vital for the development of other computer-related skills.
  4. good typing speed test makes writing easier and lessens the strain in your fingers, hands, and wrist as you type.
  5. it increases your typing speed and save your time.
  6. You can take your notes very easily if you are an expert at typist.
  7. Now you can increase productivity if you are typing fastly.
  8. If you are a student and want to be master in typing , this tool will improve your English as well.

There are many other sites where you can do a typing speed test and pass it effectively.

Touch Typing techniques: Tips to Pass the WPM typing test

1. Do practice before doing the real test.

Many of the programs contain time frame exercises one can practice at home. You can develop your practice test by picking a test from above shown in the right sidebar, set up a timer, i.e., for

This will help you understand keyboard typing speed skills level before doing a real test and know where to improve.

2. Place fingers correctly on the keyboard

Four fingers of your hands should be on the home keys. Make sure your fingers are curved well to give maximum efficiency and reduce muscle strain while typing. Besides, ensure that your fingers are placed in central corners. It will help you to press different alphabets without much pressure.

3. Maintain exact Body posture

Your body position while sitting for a quick typing speed test matters a lot.

1.Sit in a way that your feets firmly grounded

2. Your back should be well supported as well.

3.The keyboard should be easily reachable

4.elbow should be supported while typing as well.

4. Ignore error while typing

If you make spelling mistakes or typing mistakes while typing, it is suggested to ignore that and don't break the typing speed flow. It will help to save time. You can correct errors after completing the typing test.

You can check your typing speed 10 minutes typing test as well

Typing Speed Calculation

These following Formulas are used to Calculate typing speed Accurately. These formulas are considered Standard Formulas for Calculating Speed.

GWPM ( Gross Word Per Minute )

First of all, count how many characters you typed in the test then divide that number by 5 whatever result you get to divide it further by total time in minutes. It will be your Gross Word Per Minute. GWPM Doesn't imply the Error Rate. For example your 100 characters or Keystrokes in a minute then your GWPM would be 100/5=20 (WPM), Gross.

English typing test [ gross speed formula ]

Net Speed (WPM)

Net Word Per Minute is the Speed which is completely trustworthy because it unlike GWPM take into Consideration the Error Rate. In other words, the number of words in which you made Error in a given time slot so, that final Speed will be the outcome of Accuracy and GWPM taken into consideration. Suppose your GWPM speed is 20 but you made Error in 5 words so your speed will be like 20-5=15 Net Word Per Minute(WPM)

English typing test [ net speed formula ]

Error Rate (WPM)

Error Rate is measured by Dividing Incorrect words by Total Time taken in minutes. For instance you made Error in 10 words in 2 Minutes time Slot so your Error Rate would be like 10/2=5 Words. The formula for the error rate is mentioned below.

English typing test [ error rate formula ]

Accuracy Measurement (%)

Accuracy is actually measured by dividing the correct words typed by total words after that multiply the result with 100 for getting the Percentage. For instance you Made 60 correct insertions out of 120 Total Insertions of words then result Accuracy would be measured like this below.


Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify for the typing test for a job, one should practice first regularly. you can visit

There are many free websites. You can take a keyboard typing speed test to test your speed.

Moreover, you can get information or tutorial on making fair use of the QWERTY keyboard in a proper manner. Once you are well known for all the tips and tricks, you must evaluate yourself by this test of any level like beginner, intermediate, advanced level.

At the initial stage, it is suggested to opt for an untimed typing test so that you can confidently take your time and can enjoy your typing test. Once you feel you are ready to attempt any level typing test, you should go for it.

Moreover, many typing games and typing exercises help to improve the typing skill of the person.