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Clicker for WhatsApp Introduction

The WhatsApp Clicker helps you to send several messages with just one click. It assists you not only to send a lot of messages to a single contact but also to arrange a contact mailing list.

To play a good joke on a friend, you can use it. You need to have access to advanced features to operate during the first launch since the regular WhatsApp client is used for mailing. Clicker App is an excellent auto-click app that lets you send messages at once to multiple contacts or groups. it official logo shows like this below

clicker for whatsap
Clicker for WhatsApp logo will look like this in picture

You can enter a message and select various contacts, and the message counts to send them free of charge with just one click. Just click once and send messages to all your friends with this fantastic app.WhatsApp clicker is also available for iOS and iPhone other than android.

What is Clicker Bomber for Whatsapp?

Clicker for Whatsapp is also called Bomber for Whatsapp. Export All Contacts for Whats Up Messenger Clicker For Whatsapp App Even. WhatsApp Clicker Message Bomber is a super cool Android app to have fun with your mate, and you can easily submit one msg multiple times with just one click. Clicker Message Bomber for WhatsApp is the amazing MSG Spammer and MSG Blast App. This is an entirely free sender of the message and the Mad Clicker Bomber App to deliver the message. You can multiply text with this program, so it’s merely a WhatsApp text multiplier.

History of this App

Clicker for Whatsapp online is initially developed by “Cubiclab.” The package name of this app is a clicker. Whatsapp. 1.0 is the latest and updated version , updated on 2017-04-21. This applies in the tools category. This app is currently free. You will search all the apps from the Clicker For Whatsapp developer; you will find 11 alternative Android apps.

How to Download Clicker for Whatsapp pc?

You can easily download Clicker for Whatsapp business apk from the Google Play store or APKFab on your android devices. The APK/XAPK files for this app from are all authentic and secure to use. From there, you can download it very fast.

Features of Clicker Whatsapp message

  • To send a message at once, pick one or more contacts on your phone.
  • To trick your mates, send blank messages.
  • Effectively send group messages.
  • At one press, send 1 to 100,000 messages to your contacts.
  • To send messages at once, pick multiple connections on your phone.
  • Sending null messages.
  • Flip the message around.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an auto clicker for Whatsapp?

Auto Clicker allows you to do repeated taps with any interval you specify at any place. The Auto Clicker has NO root access. Have a floating control panel for the automatic tap to start/stop. It is perfect for games with clicks.

How to send multiple messages with Clicker for WhatsApp business?

Here are the instructions on how you can use multiple messages at a time.

  • Download the app from Clicker for Whatsapp group apk from Google Play or
  • Open the app.
  • Select the contact or group you want to send the message to.
  • There will be a text box to enter the message that you want to send to your contacts. Type the message you want to send.
  • Select the numbers how many times you want to send the message. You can select from 1 to 10,000.
  • Press the “Send” button on the right corner of the app to send the message.

 There are two other options in this app.

  • Write the message you want to send.
  • Select the number of how many times you want to send the message.
  • Select Flip the message (Optional).
  • Select send empty message (optional).
  • Press the send button to send the message.

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