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Click Counter is a tool to count the number of clicks without any time limit. Basically, it counts your various repetitive click count by just clicking one button to test the mouse clicks or number of clicks.

You can count the number of clicks by using any kind of mouse, mobile phones, or any of the other devices, it’s very easy to use the click counter.

It’s easy and simple for each and everybody who wants to calculate anything either your number of works and attempts that you do many times and you want to calculate their exact numbers.

Click Counter Features:

Saves time:

Click counter saves much of your time. You can use this without any headache. 

Shows Exact Clicks:

It also shows the exact number of clicks, as it stores your every click count very safely until you reset it. You can click on the counter to indicate the number of clicks.

No Lagging:

 Our website performs its function very smoothly without any fear of lagging or hanging. You can boost your clicking speed with no fear.

Browser Compatibility: 

Another fantastic feature of this click counter is undoubtedly compatible with any browser like Opera, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc.

No Account Required: 

You don’t need to create an account as other websites do. You can use this tool without creating an account.


Our website’s exciting feature is that it is Mobile friendly. The click counter users can easily use it on Mobile with the same web version.

Social Sharing: 

You can share your results over social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Keyboard click counter:

You can also use the keyboard to calculate the number of clicks through the click counter. So it’s called a keyboard click counter too.

In Click per second, the variation is about only one second, and it calculates clicks in only one second.

Click counter 1 minute will calculate your clicks that you have made in 1 minute of variation mean in 60 seconds.

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