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What is Clicking Game?

Clicking games (also referred to as incremental games) are video games whose gameplay consists of performing simple acts. Such as repeatedly clicking on the screen. This “grinding” generates in-game currency from the player that can be used to increase the acquisition rate of the currency. Even clicking becomes unnecessary in some games at some point. As the game plays itself, including the player’s absence, thus the idle game moniker.

Fast Clicker games are titles that allow players to simply ‘click’ to input acts, otherwise known more formally as incremental games. For instance, you repeatedly click to grind and earn bonuses, upgrades, and buildings in Doge Miner. All this is done simply by clicking on the screen. Depending on the game, other things can occur, such as placing characters or buildings around them. But for the most part, all you need to do is click inside the game to advance and succeed.

After the success of Cookie Clicker, clicking games gained popularity in 2013, although previous games such as Cow Clicker and Candy Box! On the same values, they were based. In 2015, with titles like Clicker Heroes, the gaming press observed such games proliferating on the Steam game distribution site.

What is an Idle or Incremental Game?

Clicking games are also known as idle games, money clicking games, or incremental games. They are video games whose gameplay consists of the player continually performing necessary acts to obtain currency (such as clicking on the screen). This can be used to gain goods or skills that boost the pace at which the money accrues.

clicking games

There are idle clicking games as well as fun clicking games everywhere . They are all games that allow a player to advance without interaction with the game. The games are games themselves! Idle games can also be referred to as Clicker, Incremental or Offline games, and we will take a look at why players around the globe are so popular.

Why are Clicking Games addictive?

Although a gamer’s brain is slightly bigger than that of a rat in that game or at the Skinner box, B.F created them. Skinner, clicker games online affect them in much the same manner. It is not an intrinsically relaxing action to click a cookie, but it makes a number go up, and human beings LOVE large numbers. Although there is no real intrinsic value in the number of virtual cookies you have, players can still experience a rush of dopamine as if they have achieved something.

At least, the rat obtained a food piece, prolonging its survival and fulfilling a fundamental biological objective. The player hardly has any agency in clicker games. The player can buy upgrades quickly that create cookies on their own, requiring no player input. Clicker games somehow both need less effort than a rat pressing a lever and less incentive than a small pellet of food by having no feedback or thought. We suggest that the growing number of addictive game design decisions made over the years are taken by clicker games and construct the game around them.

Clicker games are computer games and classical conditioning’s unholy lovechild. However, they are a symptom of modern digital design themselves, not the cause of the infection—almost every new digital technology piece designed using classical conditioning To keep you as hooked as possible.

Factors of Clicking Games:

 Time Consuming:

Although this might sound odd to almost every poor soul stuck in the Idle-games vortex, looking at the browser tab more frequently and cursing is not enough currency for the next update or to get what’s missing for the next accomplishment. The reality is that we like idle games because this guy is famous for the same reason.

We live in an age where you have so much to consume in so little time, and you want to immerse yourself in it all. The human brain’s attention span is actually getting smaller, and there is literally no way we can allow ourselves the luxury of paying attention to something detailed. It is no wonder this is an age of anxiety and tension. That’s where idle-clicker games work into our everyday routine. You don’t have to pay a lot of attention. No need to continue playing. You can open and check the browser now and then and still relieve tension while doing it.


You start with seemingly nothing, and one by one, you start Clicking games unblocked updates and new features, and some come with short-term goals. Most of the Idle Games have a progressive take. To get a few currency units, you start clicking your fingers off and end the game by doing almost nothing but watching as the game takes shape and you invest in it.

 Elements of Interconnectivity:

An idle game can be enhanced because the game often has a pleasant aspect of interactivity. It can be enjoyable to interact with the game after updating, buying, and strengthening the idle computer, mostly via the clicking mechanic. Still, any mechanics that make the player interact with the game can help improve the game.

 Meaningful Choice:

You want to have various options that enhance the game when it comes to making changes and optimizations to the idle game. The game can become repetitive if the improvements are the same each time or if it is evident what will get you the best return for your investment.

Some Popular Clicking Games:

 Clicker Heroes:

Clicker Heroes is an idle game produced by Playsaurus, an American independent studio. It was first released in 2014 for browsers, in 2015 for mobile devices, and in 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The game is a spin-off of Clicker Heroes, free-to-play, but players can buy an in-game currency called ‘rubies’ using microtransactions. This currency is not needed to advance through the game; some time has been added to the game’s life, and several gameplay mechanics focus on acquiring the in-game premium currency.

Realm Grinder:

To build a vast, healthy, and, most importantly, rich realm, Realm Grinder puts you in the role of a good or evil dictator, managing production and politics. This game is one of the most popular clicking games, which means you have to click to buy buildings, upgrades, cast spells, and make other strategic choices with the end aim of obtaining more, more and more, at least in the beginning. You can play it on this app Realm Grinder

Once started, it will also progress when offline, and there is no fixed end, as by soft resetting to obtain Gems, you can still sell all your assets, which will help you generate even more coins. In May 2015, Realm Grinder was first released and had reached over 10 million players by February 2016. See why players enjoy this game.

You play the role of the ruler of a small fantasy kingdom in Realm Grinder. By simply clicking on your domain, you earn coins, which can then be spent on buildings that produce revenue for you automatically. And when you’re offline, structures such as inns and blacksmiths continue to collect coins automatically.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols:

Crusaders of the lost idols is a popular clicking game. In this game, you are in charge of a group, and this group is not an ordinary group but a group of fantasy heroes, as they hack their way through armies of monsters. You keep on earning gold by defeating your enemies, and this gold can be spent on a new crusader. Each hero can be upgraded in this game and has a collection of expertise that can be bought for gold. As the game progress further, your army will keep on growing, and you’ll have a larger army of heroes, each having a collection of many powerful abilities.  

Adventure Capitalist:

Like other games, this Adventure Capitalist game is also a popular clicking game. In this game, you are being cast as an enterprising entrepreneur trying to make it big. You’ll have only a lemonade stand at the start, and then it will keep growing as you will be making pizzas, running banks, making movies, and even managing hockey teams.

Adventure Capitalis

Even this game gives you a chance to hire a manager. To work for you and make your business more progressive when looking at your other companies. Any company you purchase increases your revenues and the pace at you can manufacture products. But it also makes it difficult to divide your focus among all your projects.

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