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Click test in 5 second


The World Record for High Click 5 Second is 15.4 CPS. Can You Over rank it?

5 Second click is the average number of seconds you click through your mouse. But the question is that how many times can you click in 5 second exactly? Is 5 second too short to test click speed? NO! NO! No! Don you know how to do that? Take the test in 5 second mode and hit your fingers on mouse buttons as fast as you can (go insane!). Click counter will count all the clicks you do in 5 second and show you the Result exactly after the 5 second is complete.

Tips to score more in 4 second click test

For a beginner, it is impossible to click more than 14-15 clicks in five second. But you will be shocked if I tell you that there are gamers who get as much as 15 clicks in just one second. Yes, that is possible! To increase your click 5 second counter rate:
  • you should first practice methods like Jitter click Butterfly Click , Kohi Click etc.
  • Keep trying the clicker test using the Restart button until you beat the highest scores of your competitors.
  • If you are finding it difficult to get in to your full potential, you can start with the click test in 10 second test mode and then come back and then check the test in 5 second mode.
  • keep practicing.