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Are you a gamer? Are you tired of keep clicking the mouse thousands and thousands of times continuously? If you think it would be best if you had incredible finger strength to click a mouse multiple times per second while playing a game.

There should be an easy way to click the mouse several times; then, you don’t have to worry about this anymore because there is a tool/software called “Auto Clicker” that can be used to automate mouse clicking on a monitor screen element.

As the name indicates”Auto clicker,” it is used to automate mouse clicking. It’s vital for video games. Several games and programs necessitate repetitive mouse-clicking, which can be tedious. As a result, players use an auto clicker to generate clicks as input. As a result, it’s a great tool when you have a lot of mouse clicking to do.

This tool is used to constantly click the mouse at a high rate so that your character may travel around the game swiftly and fight foes faster than ever before. It isn’t, however, a kind of cheating! Instead, it’s merely an auto clicker that automates the clicking process to make it easier for folks who have trouble using a mouse. Continue reading if you want to learn more about how auto clickers work.

General Features of Auto Clicker

  1. Low usage of CPU
  2. Portable software
  3. Choose how many times to click
  4. Free and an open-source tool
  5. Easy and simple user interface
  6. Select aninterval between clicks in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours
  7. Settings are automatically saved
  8. Set your cursor to follow or select a location
  9. Hotkeys work when itis running at the backend
  10. They enable double-clicking and triple-clicking
  11. Advertisements free and virus-free

How to download an Auto Clicker?

  • Go to the official website of auto clicker:
  • Click on the button to download
  • After the downloading is finished, open the folder
  • Start to install the software according to the instructions
  • Finish the installing process
  • Start using the “auto clicker.”

How to use an Auto Clicker?

  • To add the Auto Clicker’s macro, first, click the ‘Add Robot’ button.
  • Then, mention the point where you should click. This can be done by dragging the mouse to the desired location and pressing any keyboard key. In the Add Robot window, this exact point will be modified.
  • After that, click the ‘Click Interval’ spin button to set the time between the two clicks. The lower the value of Click Interval, the faster clicks.
  • Then you need to mention the type of the click – left click of the mouse, right-click, double click, release the click, click and hold.
  • Eventually, click on ‘Add Click’ to add it to the macro.
  • If you want to add more mouse clicks, repeat the process explained above.
  • After you’ve added all of the mouse clicks to the macro, say the robot’s name, activate the Hotkey and repeat the macro. The macro can be executed unlimited times or until the user taps the keyboard shortcut key.
  • Lastly, the macro can be saved to the list. When the start hotkey is pressed, select the enable box to start auto-clicking. If you want to stop the clicking, press the “end hotkey” button to stop the clicking.

Best Auto Clickers for windows and games

Here are some best auto clickers for windows also; you can find the perfect auto clicker for games:

  • Fast mouse clicker pro
  • GS (Golden soft auto clicker)
  • Auto clicker typer
  • Perfect automation
  • MurGee Clicker
  • Roblox automatic clicker
  • OP Clicker
  • Free Mouse clicker
  • Auto Mouse Click
  • Speed Auto Clicker

  • Fast mouse clicker pro:

Out of all the best clickers out there, Fast Mouse Clicker Pro is one of the best Auto clicker software.  Auto clicker tool is a tool that can create a lot of clicks in a short amount of time. With the help of this tool, you can specify your maximum amount of clicks with the tool, and it can also create an endless number of clicks for you.So far, it is the best auto clicker on the internet. It only performs one thing and does it well.


  • Free of Cost
  • Saves your Settings
  • Virus-Free
  • An Option of Trigger Key


  • Super, simple, and easy to use
  • Keeping the qualities that make a successful auto clicker
  • Simple, Customized and works flawlessly.
  • Easy to use
  • Changes are made extremely fast


  • Unable to start under the new window
  • Can’t start (0xc000007b)

  • GS (Golden soft auto clicker):

GS is simple or finest auto clicker software for users that works with hotkeys. Additionally, the software makes automatic mouse clicks, saving you both time and energy. There aren’t many configuration choices; simply press the designated Hotkey, and the auto-clicking will start right away.

The GS Auto Clicker’s Recording feature is one of the best features of this clicker. You can use the tool to record the order and position of your clicks. Simply select the recording from the Options menu. After that, you may arrange it to repeat your recorded sequence for a specific amount of time. If you don’t like many configuration menus, then GS (Golden soft auto clicker) is the best auto clicker for you.


  • Keep track of the order and locations of your clicks
  • A Useful Tool
  • Hotkey Function is included


  • Doesn’t use a lot of system resources
  • Saves you the time from constantly mouse clicking
  • Developed for Beginners
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Free to Use software.
  • Quick installation process
  • it’s beneficial for Minecraft AFK fishing


  • Excessive clicking may cause the program to hang at times.
  • Some crucial configurations are missing.

  • Auto clicker typer:

The Auto Click Typer is another application for automating mouse clicks. It’s a free auto-clicking program that lets you build sequences of mouse movements and clicks. Not only can you click, but the Auto Click Typer can also simulate pressing specific keyboard buttons or type the text for you (if you want to).

Click the Add button to begin automating clicks with the Auto Click Typer. In the following window, enter the action to be done, such as Left Click or Right Click, as well as the details of the action, such as the Number of Clicks and a comment. Click ‘OK’ after you’re finished, and your action will be added to the sequence. It enables to change the click speed in milliseconds and adjusts the series. It takes less time while performing more and more.

It stores the record, and once you’ve made your adjustments and recordings, it will automatically repeat your clicks as you choose, releasing your fingers and eliminating the need to press the mouse or keyboard buttons with force.


  • Cost Free
  • Use the update
  • Easy and Simple
  • Customizable


  • Record all the actions, and you can check them whenever you want
  • Record all the clicks and typing.
  • It also has an auto scripting program
  • Allows great customization
  • No Programming Knowledge Required.
  • Fully Customizable Script options.
  • Easy to Add, Edit, Delete Auto Script.
  • Works Offline
  • Free to Use


  • Some Anti-viruses detect it as malware.
  • Bundled with 3rd party Software (You can reject it at installation)
  • Requires You to Remember Hotkey combinations for each script.
  • Some anti-viruses were detected as malware.

  • Perfect automation:

Users will find Perfect Automation to be one of the most beneficial auto clicker software. It gives you a flawless and precise automation method. This clicker has many advanced features, such as a robust script editor, keyboard recorder, and a scheduler. It is the most easy-to-use auto clicker because it has only one icon in the taskbar.

Perfect Automation was created to record both mouse and keyboard click actions, with users being able to specify their own time intervals. Our click per 100-second benchmark tool can be used to assess the program’s effectiveness.

You record the pattern of your mouse clicks, change the script to your liking, and then set it to repeat for a specific amount of time during your Minecraft combat or other gaming sessions. Surprisingly, Perfect Automation enables the recording of keyboard keys and then repeat them repeatedly. That’s why it’s ideal for saving combination attacks.


  • Script Editor
  • Launcher
  • Record the Mouse and Keyboard clicks


  • A perfect tool to generate files
  • Easy to install
  • Hotkeys work in the background
  • Complete Automation Solution
  • Ability to Record, Edit and Repeat Clicks, Keyboard keys
  • Comes with Macro Reader and Script Editor
  • It can generate standalone executable files for ease of use


  • A lot of motions can make it hard for beginners
  • It’s a heavy program, so it makes other applications stop.

  • MurGee Clicker:

The Murgee clicker is another valuable tool for auto-clicking. It records all of your computer’s clicks and actions and then replays them for you, meaning it will do each action. Once it’s fixed, you’ll like its autonomous functionality. It is effortless and efficient to use. The tool makes it easy to follow functions and displays the exact amount of automatic clicks. Also configurable and won’t degrade your system’s performance.

MurGee Auto Clicker is free of viruses, malware, and keyloggers of any kind. To receive a safe and clean version of MurGee Auto Clicker, go to and make sure that your Windows computer is not harmed in any way after installing this software.


  • Customizable
  • Interval


  • Best Auto clicker for the reasonable price
  • Simple Interface
  • Virus and malware-free


  • You won’t be able to register the program again if you reinstall Windows or buy a new computer.

  • Roblox automatic clicker:

Roblox automatic clicker is a  clicker software that may be used for games and other uses. It is user-friendly and straightforward to set up.This custom-made auto key clicker for Roblox can be triggered easily to take account of earlier recorded or any presently generated inputs by the user.

It also makes your game easier and better by rapidly making an infinite amount of clicks. To generate your previous recordings, the Roblox Auto clicker is triggered with hotkeys functionality.

The Roblox Auto Clicker is a mouse clicker that enables you to conduct automatic mouse clicks while playing the game. To put it another way, it’s just like a conventional automatic clicker.

This custom-made auto key clicker for Roblox can be triggered easily to take account of earlier recorded or any presently generated inputs by the user.


  • Easy to use
  • Friendly user interface
  • Portable
  • Customizable


  • Very helpful, especially for gaming
  • Very Convenient Tool
  • Includes all the features that an auto clicker might need
  • Very effective tool


  • Doesn’t recognize the clicks during the game.

  • OP Clicker:

OP Auto Clicker is a full-featured auto clicker that allows you to choose between single, double, and triple clicks. The maximum number of clicks can also be chosen, or it can be set to infinity.

Because you may start and stop the automatic clicking process using HotKeys, it is considered user-friendly software.

You can also set the maximum number of clicks required in OP Auto Clicker or leave it blank if an unlimited number of clicks is required.

Unlike other auto clickers, Op Auto Clicker is a full-featured auto clicker with two different setup options. You can use them to click on a predetermined location or a point on the screen where your cursor is.


  • Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Change the Hotkeys
  • Saves Money


  • Nice and effective
  • Ideal for web games or the challenges of The Long Dark Wolf


  • It lets my fingers catch a break!

  • Free Mouse clicker:

This is a simple auto clicker that works on both Windows and Mac. It successfully manages automatic clicking. The Free Auto Clicker is available for download and compatible with all Windows versions, including Windows 8, 9, and 10.

Free Mouse Clicker is a straightforward, practical, and useful application. 8.         Free Mouse clicker gives you the option of clicking freely and automatically whenever you wish.

On the left and right mouse buttons, users can set the clicks for single and double clicks.

It’s completely free, simple, and straightforward to use.


  • Time interval
  • Click schedule
  • Pause
  • Left and Right Buttons
  • Generate clicks at a specified interval of time
  • Customizable and simple to use
  • Free of cost
  • Portable
  • Virus-free


  • Easy to Install
  • Works perfectly on web pages
  • Click at high speeds
  • Great and useful
  • No registration is needed.
  • Freeware license with regular updates.
  • 100% virus-free, advertisement-free, and malware-free.


  • A minor error is being detected in this tool
  • Some games or websites will automatically identify and disable it if it is used.
  • Auto Mouse Click:

Because the Auto Mouse Click is solely for auto mouse clicking, it does not support keyboard keys. However, it provides you with all of the tools you’ll need to generate a massive number of clicks in a matter of seconds. Let’s have a look at how it works.

The user interface is simple. Select the sort of action you want to perform: left or right-click. Choose the coordinates where the automatic clicks should be made. Now choose a millisecond delay between two clicks. Finally, press the Add key.

After you’ve finished the series, click Start to start auto-clicking. If you wish to make a sequence, repeat the process. You can also bind a Hotkey to a particular sequence. The Auto Mouse Click is the easiest auto clicker on the market today because it is so simple to operate.


  • Portable
  • Virus-free and adware free
  • Easy to use


  • On-screen coordinates are simple to select
  • Both left and right clicks are supported.
  • Scripts can be exported and loaded
  • Hot Keys can also be assigned


  • After the Trial Period expires, you must pay.

Auto Clicker for MAC:


MAC Auto Clicker is a program that allows you to click at a particular mouse pointer location as many times as you desire. Users can get Auto Clicker for MAC for free. It has a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to define intervals before, between, and after clicks, as well as click count timings. It allows users to choose between single and double clicks. The program is compatible with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) through Yosemite (OS X 10.10).

Because more gamers are switching to macOS, the need for MAC Auto Clickers is growing by the day. Aside from gaming, MAC Automatic Clickers can be utilized on websites that require constant multiple clicking.

Mac Auto Clicker is a powerful and simple-to-use program with various useful features, including auto-clicking, which frees up your hands and arms while also saving you time.


  • Allows for many methods to start and stop 
  • Stops automatically when the timer stops
  • Allows  to start and stop 
  • Permit you to specify the time interval before it starts
  • Allows users to categorize the number of clicks they’ve made


  • Simple and easy Interface
  • Free of cost
  • Supports right, left, and double clicks
  • Permit to set a fixed time


  • After installing the program, it is difficult to use it at first.

  • Random Mouse Clicker:

Murgia Program has created fantastic, reliable software with a simple user interface.

The user can use left, right, and middle mouse clicks with this program. Additionally, it allows you to select any of the mouse buttons.

As the name implies, a random mouse clicker allows you to select and hold any mouse or keyboard buttons for as long as you wish.

Furthermore, without exerting any power or energy, it automatically gives you a limitless amount of clicks.


  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use and advanced mouse clicker for Mac
  • Lightweight in size
  • It doesn’t take up much space
  • It lets you assign new hotkeys


  • Free to download
  • It is excellent software and takes up little disc space
  • Customized hotkeys are available to users


  • Canceling the commands issued didn’t work, and navigating to advanced settings didn’t help.

  • DewllClick:

Another excellent automatic software tool or program for gamers is DewllClcik. It’s simple to use, produces constant clicks for you, and is helpful. Limit the usage of your hands and arms as well.

The software is packed with sophisticated capabilities that allow you to make an unlimited or infinite number of clicks in a short period of time.

Users can play for an extended period of time without experiencing any headaches or worry of harm. The minimum system requirement for DewllClick to work in OS X 10.9 or later is an interesting fact about the tool.


  • Auto drag ability makes dragging fluent
  • Thousands of clicks per second
  • You can use a mouse and trackpad
  • The program is lightweight
  • Create a hotkey for each type of application
  • Automatically grab windows
  • Suitable for head tracker users


  • It has a lot of configuration
  • Makes it easy for a user to click many times per second


  • Intervals don’t work properly

Frequently Asked Questions

When you install an auto clicker EXE file on your computer, you’ll usually see AutoClicker.exe running in the background. A variety of apps, such as OP Auto Clicker and Auto Clicker Application, utilize this method.

AutoClicker.exe is a safe file associated with the auto clicker software on your computer. The file has a size of 40,960 bytes. According to technical security ratings, it poses a 32 percent risk. As long as the auto clicker EXE file was downloaded from the developer’s website, it should be safe to use. The control panel can be used to uninstall the software.

Auto clickers aren’t unlawful; however, they are against the regulations when used. Auto clickers and likely hardware capable of auto-clicking or imitating mouse movements are not permitted.

GS Auto Clicker does not include any malware and legally automates mouse-clicking; thus, it is entirely safe.

As we all know, the auto clicker is highly popular among users, and it’s not challenging to spot auto clicker software.

An auto clicker is a simple application that replicates mouse clicks and can be triggered to create recordings. You can start the auto-clicking by clicking any of the mouse or keyboard buttons. To start and stop the procedure, you can use different hotkeys.

There are no viruses in auto clickers; they are entirely safe and virus-free. Malware isn’t present in any way in the software.

To prevent discovery and removal, most malware entities are known to imitate genuine files. If you’re having problems with your PC because of the AutoClicker.exe file, or if you see this process running in Task Manager even though you don’t have an auto clicker, you’re probably dealing with malware.

Double-checking the file information listed above is another technique to see if the AutoClicker.exe file is malicious. Suppose the AutoClicker.exe program is placed in a Windows folder other than C: UsersUSERNAMEDownloads, particularly the Windows System32 folder. In that case, you must immediately terminate all of its processes and remove it from your computer.

If the autoclicker.exe file produces problems on your computers, such as frequent hangs, an unresponsive screen, sluggishness, app crashes, or boot failure, you should remove it as soon as possible. Its adverse effects have long surpassed its positive effects; therefore, you’re better off without it. You can alternatively use a different auto clicker that won’t cause you any problems.


There are several situations in which it is required to make repetitive mouse clicks. And this is undoubtedly boring, hectic, exhausting, and whatnot. That’s why downloading an auto clicker will make your life much easier.

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