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Occasionally, in many games, you are required to scroll at a high rate to win the race! So that is the point we have provided a tool to practice and improve your mouse scroll speed. For that purpose, you need to tap on the scroll wheel box above and start scrolling, and you are good to go.

You can read more About our scroll wheel test tool below.

What is the scroll wheel Test?

Scroll wheel test, also known as Just Scroll Test, is a tool to perform a vertical scrolling of your mouse wheel and find out how many pixels you can scroll in one second. That is the simple but essential feature of being a professional player or a gamer.

Besides this, this scroll test tool helps you to find either your mouse is working fine or not. For instance, you bought a brand new mouse for gaming and want to test its scrolling speed and scroll wheel performance, then at this point, this test is the best solution to identify it. Your final score depends on the scroll speed attain during the test interval.

How to Test Scrolling Speed?

There are simple steps to test your mouse scrolling speed(pixels scrolled per second). It is undoubtedly a very easy tool, but we have provided a guide to help beginners who don't know how to use it. Follow the steps below.


So, these are the simples steps for using our online scroll test. I hope this will improve your scrolling speed and perform well in your dram games.

Do you know the fastest scroll score in the world? We have not found any record, yet you have the chance to rock the scores by practicing over the scroll speed test tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

follow below steps:

  • 1. Launch the settings section on your laptop.
  • 2. When the settings section pops up, click on the device settings tab.
  • 3. Click on the touchpad and then slide down to enable the scroll using the two-finger option to scroll on your laptop.

There may be many reasons behind the faulty functioning of the mouse in scroll in opposite direction. It may be because of accumulated dust, low battery issues, and many more.

The page up and page down keys on the laptop enable scrolling, but other than these, hitting the space buttons scrolls the page down, and the shift+ space button scrolls the page up.

Users may do so by taking this scroll test to check their mouse scroll functionality. You may have take multiple scrolling test to get the 100% accurate results.