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Badlion CPS Test

Badlion click test is the latest idea to win the click battel, enabling users to check how fast they can click in seconds or minutes. Click Test games designed on this concept. One can check their clicking speed and accuracy through this tool.

Why is it so?

Click accuracy and clicking proves to be one of the important skill in this online era. Most gamers and regular PC users can significantly understand the importance of the badlion clicking to endure this fast technology era.

Badlion cps test is as important as a Typing speed test. To be a professional in your field, you must be an expert all in all. So to Monitor your clicking speed, you must take the badlion kohi test.

Kohi and badlion merged in one, so we can call it as badlion click speed test kohi. To take the badlion Test, Follow the following steps:

How to take the Badlion speed test:

To take the online badlion cps test, follow the steps below.

  • Visit cpsandtypingtest.com
  • Select the time interval to which you want to take a test, like a 1 second click test or two-second. By default, it is set to 5 second click test.
  • Attach the mouse or tap on the pad.
  • Click on the box above with text shown as "Click here."
  • Start pressing your mouse left button as fast as you can.
  • After you finish, the pop-up screen will appear. It will show you the rank according to your clicking speed.
  • The timer will show you the time taken, Clicks/s will show you the clicks you made in a second, and the score will show you the score.
badlion clcik test kohi

To gain the best out of it, you can click on "Try Again" to perform better than before and achieve a high score.

What is the regular clicking rate in Badlion Clicking test?

Regular badlion clicking is termed as easy and low level of click games in which one can make 4 to 10 clicks in a second (my personal experience), while the experienced one can make 15 to 25 clicks or even more fantastic. So the average badlion click per second is 9 to 14.

Jitter or butterfly clicking takes too much arm control and clicks while the drag clicking is done with the mouse by creating friction between the finger and the mouse surface, making the user click over 100 clicks in just a few seconds.

Fast clicking is much important in this technological era. Badlion click assures you to have professional gamer behavior while playing. There are several ways to improve your click or typing speed, but Badlion clicking is the greatest, while for the typing speed practice must try https://cpsandtypingtest.com/2-minute-typing-test/.