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Timer : 15:00
Typing TEST

15 Minute Typing Test

So here comes the 15-minute typing test. This test requires a longer time than others and needs patience. But with patience, you can achieve your goals and improve your typing skills.

15 minute typing test
15 minute typing test

To achieve your typing goals, you need to be aware of typing methods.

15 Minute Typing Suggestions:

  • Use the QWERTY Keyboard for typing purposes. This keyboard has a perfect layout for typing.
  • Always focus on Accuracy than the speed of typing.
  • Focus on the keys and recall keys in your mind while typing
  • Don't get impatient while typing long sentences or long period paragraphs.
  • To better practice, Use touch typing or Hybrid. 
  • It's a suggestion to practice a 5-minute typing test most of the time.
  • Use typing master tool for typing practice.


So practice the 15-minute typing test with patience and take a short break as the typing master suggests, or you can pause it by yourself.